Cheat Empires & Allies Super Ore Mine

Cheat Empires & Allies Super Ore Mine Terbaru " AGUSTUS !! "

Download Charles
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Empires & Allies Ore Mine Cheat Guide
  1. Open Charles, enable breakpoints
  2. Play Empires & Allies. Click here->
  3. Charles will open, click Execute
  4. Another breakpoint will open. Click Edit Response -> Click AMF. Look for: Content -> data -> userInfo -> player -> unlockResource

  5. Edit the value of Uranium, Gold, Copper & Aluminum to 1000000 (To edit double click the value. This is your ore multiplier)
  6. After you edit click Execute and Execute.
  7. Disable Breakpoint (click the breakpoint icon to disable). Check your game and click Super Ore Mine Building
  8. You can now see that in 15 minutes you can have 6 million of ore. Click "Weighted Wealth" to get started
  9. Do not close your web browser wait for 15 minutes to complete the task.
  10. When it's done, gather the ore you should have 6 million of Ore now.

Tip: Do not try to earn billion of ores. As always, too much of anything is bad. Enjoy the game and share your wealth with your neighbors, use your market place.

Happy Catting ^_^